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Spoko Rewards card is a great way to save money on fuel, groceries, and snacks. By purchasing one of our products, our customers save money and get discounts the next time they visit. Spoko offers loyalty rewards for customers who are coming to our one-stop-shop for fresh food, gas, groceries, liquor and more. We also offer an online service that allows the customer to check how many points they have accumulated.

New and Improved!

Our Spoko Rewards card that earns you discounted gas, coffee, and fountain drinks.


Now earn greater fuel discounts based on gas and store purchases.

(Excludes Lottery, Publications)

  • Our Spoko Rewards card that earns you discounted gas, coffee, and fountain drinks.
  • Buy 5 coffees and get the 6th one free.
  • Buy 5 Fountain Drinks and get the 6th one free.
  • Instantly roll back the pump price with gas discounts.
  • Pick up your FREE Spoko Rewards card today and start earning free gas.
  • Instantly earn 300 points and save 5c/gallon when you register your card and start earning points.
  • Use your Spoko Rewards to receive specials throughout the store.
  • Maximum fill with a discount is 60 gallons.
  • Earn 1 points for every dollar that you spend in the store. (Excluding Lottery)

**** Points System**** 

Every dollar you spend in the store is worth 1 points.  Every gallon you fill up with is worth 1 points.

60 PTS = 1c/gallon

120 PTS = 2c/gallon

180 PTS = 3c/gallon

240 PTS = 4c/gallon

300 PTS = 5c/gallon

360 PTS = 6c/gallon

Sign up to start earning points, and we will give you 5c/gallon off.

Points expire in 90 days

We’re partnered with the Sun Club from Spokane Tribe Casino and Chewelah Casino so you can use your casino points to get discounts and purchase fuel!

Visit one of our partner casinos below for more info and also check out their Sun Club page for all of the other benifits that that the Sun Club has to offer.

Chewelah Casino

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Spokane Tribe Casino

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